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French security company 8000...

Published: 2017-03-31 13:49:11
We want to provide the best customer service service for every customer, in order to delivery to the customer, we will carry out strict inspection of the quality, from the source to avoid problems, the goods to the customer if there is a problem we will arrange professional customer service personnel for sale after the treatment, and actively cooperate with the customers to solve the problem we give the domestic famous, such as the recent online mall dream bazaar OEM production of a cowboy hat, the number of orders for the top 2500 customers, in the sale, found that 15 of the top because of wet warehouse causes, hat appear crease, dream bazaar procurement department to contact us, our factory after consultation the top 15 dream bazaar to order, intermediate costs generated by our factory bear all, we believe that the good customer service service is to quickly solve problems.
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